Thursday, March 4, 2021

 Friday 5.3.21

Wishing you all a very good morning on your last day of home schooling!  :)

There are so many budding trees and plants at the moment. How many can you spot during your time outdoors today AND how many can you name?


Continuing with our class novel: Tom's Midnight Garden - Chapter 3

Listen: Chapter 3 - By Moonlight 

PPT:   Read it yourself        

Comprehension questions - full answers please!


Spelling Test

Year 4 - statutory words

Year 5 - words ending in the suffixes -ably and -ibly

Reminder about resources foWorld Book Day


 Today's live event - tune in at 10.30am

Don't forget to search for books using our SORA APP


Year 4

Lesson video - Problem solving - calculate quantities



Year 5

Lesson video - Multiply non-unit fractions by an integer



Forest schools

Your challenge this weekend is to take your reading outdoors, whatever the weather!

Reading outdoors

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Remember to spend time outdoors and prepare yourself to be welcomed back into school on Monday! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

 Thursday 4.3.21

Good morning Peregrine! :)

At the weekend, Mr Whisker and I went for a very long walk and noticed many more signs of spring including hares pairing up, a wasp and lambs, three of which followed us right across a field bleating for food!

How many signs of new life can you spot during your time outdoors today?


Our English session today will mark World Book Day in a different way, but we will be celebrating it in our usual manner in the future as promised by Mr Watson. SO -

I have recorded readings of two of my favourite books for you to listen to and enjoy:

Listen to Book One

Listen to Book Two

Now I would like you to think about one of your favourite books and write a book review that shows why you like it so much and encourages other people to read it. Use this template to share your thoughts.

Next I would like you create a character description from your chosen book. You will need to draw the character first, then annotate it with characteristics - remember these should be more about the way your character behaves, thinks and feels and less about the appearance.
Here are images of my two character descriptions to help you:

I am so looking forward to reading your book reviews and character descriptions - please send them in!

Finally, share your book, or excerpts from it, with a family member - see if you can persuade them to read it too!

Check out the World Book Day website and today's live event:    

Live event at 10.30 (This is for younger children but promises to be fun!)


Year 4

Year 5


Year 5s - to continue to practise 9x 
Year 4s - to continue to practise 6x

Here are the printable TTRs sheets, that we use in class, should you prefer use them: 


Continuing our new history topic: 

The Viking and Anglo-Saxon Struggle for the Kingdom of England

Go through the information on this PowerPoint about Anglo-Saxon Kings.         

Create either two posters sharing information about King Alfred the Great and King Athelstan, or create one comparative poster.

OR complete this Alfred the Great template and this King Athelstan template using these fact cards and this information sheet to help you.

PSHE - Well-being

This week we are going to think about positive thinking and the effect this can have on us.

Go through this PowerPoint explaining all about being positive.

Look at the activities below and choose two to complete:

Happiness is a poem

Positive thinking cap

Positive thoughts

Super me

Once again, I would love to see your work so please email it in :)

Spellings - Test will take place: 14.5.21

  Year 4 Year 5